21 June – 24 June, 2018
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Daniel Malmqvist
Peter Nordstrand
Special Guest in London
Charlotte Gittins

Nothing But the Truth

You’re the jury in the trial of the century. Meet the eyewitnesses, and the police who examined the crime scene. Listen to their testimonies and hear closing arguments. Then it’s up to you to deliver your verdict: guilty or not guilty. 

Prepare for some unwholesome entertainment for childish adults.

Nothing But the Truth is a surrealistic court room drama, where the audience is the jury. All testimonies are played out. Each witness tells a different story about the people involved and the events that led to the murder. The show ends with the ensemble playing out what really happened.

Nothing But the Truth plays with different versions of the same story, and even different versions of the same character. The actors are free to break the fourth wall at any time. The show consists of colorful characters, time jumps, surrealistic storytelling, and audience interaction. It is the combination of these elements that make the show unique.

Show length

30-60 minutes

45 minutes or more would be optimal. Shorter performances are definitely possible, but more time allows us to establish rapport with the audience in a way that enhances the experience.

Target Audience

This show works very well with a mainstream audience. We’ve also played for a fair number of impro nerds at festivals all over the world. Also, people familiar with clowning tell us that they recognize some of the techniques use in the show.

About Scent ID

Scent ID is a touring company from Gothenburg, Sweden. At home they produce entertainment and offers high quality workshops with local and international teachers. Their shows in Gotheburg plays for full houses at a small and cosy theater. The group has had international performances in Canberra, Berlin, Dublin, Munich, Oslo, Stockholm, and Tallinn.

The ensemble makes a point of hanging out with the audience before shows, talking to them, asking questions, chatting. Sometimes they offer sweets as an icebreaker.

These fun loving actors from Sweden are traveling together to get inspired by the world of improvisation. Maybe, if they are lucky, someone will get a little bit inspired by them. 


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What People Say

”When Daniel and Peter take the stage, you see the audience lean forward in anticipation. Grounded, connected and playful, they delight with their physicality and enjoyment of each other on stage. I take any opportunity I have to enjoy their work. You should too. Highly recommended.”
— Jason D. Geary
actor, comedian, improviser
Melbourne, Australia
”Daniel and Peter’s show is pure fun and joy!! Their format is smart, intelligent and hilarios. Individually, they are great improvisers and together they are simply phenomenal. They make you want to jump on stage and play with them. Their clownish intelligent way of improv made me laugh so hard (and learn a thing or two about preforming). They have won my heart and I can’t wait to watch their show again.”
— Hila Di Castro
actress, improviser
Ofarim, Israel
”Peter Nordstrand and Daniel Malmqvist make friendly teasing of each other an art form that is both relatable and super entertaining! Their performance leaves no one cold. You are in for a treat”
— Kaisa Kokko
improviser, teacher
Jyväskylä, Finland