improfest sweden 2019

Festival Pass

A Festival Pass allows you to watch all festival shows in Gothenburg.

Price: 799 kronor (students 599 kronor). That’s a 30% discount.


One Day Tickets

A One Day Ticket gives access to all shows in a single day.

Price: 290 SEK (students 219 SEK).


Early Bird Offer

Limited Time Offer. Ends on 31 July.

Watch all shows AND participate in four full days of workshops.

Workshops included

  • Villainous (Rama Nicholas)
  • No Holds Barred (Knut Kalbertodt, Wolfgang Lüchtrath)
  • Choose EITHER the 2-day workshop Performing With A Purpose (Alsa Bruno, Alyssa DiVirgilio, John Gebretatose) OR two 1-day workshops in the form of Ant Power (Beatrix Brunschko) and Bumper Blyton Workshop (Amy Cooke-Hodgson, Jonah Fazel).

Price: 3,959 kronor. Save 800 kronor!